Passenger Guide

Wi-Fi & Internet Access

wifi and internet access

With a Wi-Fi enabled device, passengers can enjoy free wireless internet access at most of the seating and public areas in our passenger terminals. No registration is required.

Please follow these simple steps to get connected:

  1. Disable data service (e.g. 3G or 4G) to avoid roaming service fee
  2. Select one of the following SSIDs as your connection network
    "#HKAirport Free WiFi"
    "#HKAirport Hi-Speed WiFi"
  3. Open the Internet browser and enter any valid website address (Do not enter website address that starts with https://)
  4. Click "Agree and Continue" after reading all terms and conditions

For more information or support, please refer to our leaflet or contact our service hotline at +852 2188 7799.

Those without laptop computers or mobile devices can access the internet on one of the 94 desktop computers at 36 locations on the Departures Level of Terminal 1 and the Midfield Concourse. At the North Satellite Concourse, the Internet Zone on the Departures Level has six desktop computers with free broadband access.

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